Sunday, 8 June 2014

Getting back in the blogging mojo with a little charity.

I was doing quite well keeping my blog up to date with my happenings but having recently started a new job I have let things slip.  Not just my blog but my life as well, starting a new job is hard.  I think I have over filled my brain with wool and crafting for the last few years and now it needs to remember complicated things it just doesn't know what to do!

Anyway, I thought I would set myself the easier challenge of blogging on a Sunday, I was previously trying to blog on a Sunday and a Wednesday but often had nothing to say.

I'm going to kick off my reacquaintance by telling you about the third pair of slippers I knitted recently.  I recently joined a page on Facebook called the Haphazard Dippers charity spin off.  A page where items are raffled to raise money for charity.  I offered up a pair of hand knitted slippers using Jem Weston's pattern from her book Cute Little Knits.

I raised £8 and while they probably cost me more than that to make and post I was very happy to be able to be able to donate this money to The Eve Appeal, my charity of choice.  I wouldn't have decided to just donate this money so I didn't mind the cost to me, it all went to a very worthy cause.

Laura-Jo won the dip and she asked for yellow slippers, I couldn't get the exact yarn of her choice so went for the nearest.  Here they are on her feet, they turned out quite nicely didn't they.

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