Thursday, 12 June 2014

Polymer clay hook handles

As you're probably aware I do love a good hook from Fleabubs and Lala.  Here is my collection.

I have wanted to have a go at this myself but didn't want to invest in all the kit to find I didn't enjoy it or wasn't very good.  

Last night I went to a baby shower at Avago Crafts in Ilkeston and they have Fimo.  I asked if they had any plain crochet hooks and after being given a box to choose from I got all excited.  Some of the fimo was off and just crumbled but I found three lovely colours.

I didn't photograph the process because I was having too much fun but here are my unbanked hooks ready to take home.  There was a lot of rolling, cutting and mixing of colours involved.  My arms hurt today!

I couldn't resist a bit of bling, I'm not really a blingy person but it was there and the colours matched.

Here are my cooked hooks.

Just look at these colours, reminds me of a peacock.

I'm so happy with them but I have realised I couldn't do it often as they take a lot of time.  Hats of to all  the lovely ladies who make them for us, you must have guns of steel!!

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