Sunday, 24 November 2013

A beautiful new painting.

Last year we took our first trip to Long Eaton to visit the art rooms there, it's a wonderful space.  When we visited we met Louise Macintosh and just fell head over heels in love with her paintings in the Meadow Collection.  

We soon became twitter friends and many conversations were had about our various creative exploits and how much Tom and I loved her paintings.  I told her some time ago that we would, at some point, be asking for a meadow of our very own and now that time has come.  We had no idea what to get each other for Christmas this year so decided that instead on spending money on things for the sake of it we would get the painting we had been longing for for so long.

I got in touch with Louise and sent over a few photographs of the space we wanted the painting to go in and some other items in the bedroom for colour inspiration.   I even included the all important Mr Penguin, I feel his feet and scarf have influenced the final painting.  I'm not the biggest fan of pink so asked for not too much of that to be included, especially not in the sky.

After a month and a half of patiently waiting we went to collect our new piece of art yesterday from the Long Eaton art rooms where Louise was exhibiting again.  Look at her wonderful art, I want it all!

We decided that we would turn our back and get a cup of tea whilst the painting was unwrapped ready for us to turn around and view in all it's amazingness, it truly is just perfect and I do hope our reactions reflected just how much we love it.

It was carefully wrapped back up whilst we walked around and met more wonderful artists and then loaded up in the car to make its journey to its new home above our bed.

We missed lunch because we were in such a hurry to hang it before a trip to the vets with Edith, it just couldn't wait and took precedence over a rumbly tummy.  Doesn't it look fantastic.

We particularly liked these paintings due to the attention to detail and how well they are finished, even the sides of the canvas are incorporated into the painting so that whichever angle you view it from you can appreciate the flowers, blades of grass and sky.

In the mornings I will no longer wake up to the view of a blank wall but this view which you cannot deny in one hundred times improved and won't fail to start my day off with a smile, something very much needed in these winter months.

I have taken some close up pictures of some of my favourite sections of the painting.  I particularly love the layering of various colours and textures to build up the grass, I don't know my paints so I can't comment on the different types used other than there are solids, metallics, glittery paint and lots of different colours.  It creates a real depth and interest to the backdrop for the wonderful selection of flowers.  Louise told us that this is the first time she has used the burnt oranges and reds in a meadow and I am so pleased she has, I just loved the flowers that resemble poppies, I think they might well be my favourites, at the moment anyway.  There is a colour to reflect every emotion imaginable so I look forward to seeing how my preferences change as my mood does.

We are utterly in love with our meadow and genuinely cannot express our gratitude enough to this wonderful artist.  Not only does she paint amazing art she is just lovely as well.  All in all a good package.  Please pop over to her Facebook page missmacdesigns to see some of her other wonderful art and techniques.