Wednesday, 31 July 2013

I haven't blogged this month so here it is!

Since creating my Facebook page I have found I haven't blogged as much.  I think there is the obvious reason that I can post my shorter ramblings on there but I also think this is because I have settled into the land of crafting and whilst I am making a lot I don't feel as though I have learnt anything new in a while.

Since I last blogged I finished a dress using Bamboo Cotton and a wonderful pattern written by Eleanor Burke.  The pattern is quite rightly described as a recipe and that it is.  It can be made wider, shorter, longer and using whatever and however many colours you like.  I did find the pattern a little bit tedious because it is long and a very simple pattern, this does not however detract from the finished garment, just lovely.

Since then I have made a hat, started a jumper, started a cushion, started a cowl, got a bit further with my sock and am now crocheting a shrug.  I am feeling a little bit lost and in need of a beefy project so I think I am going to start an Aran soon.  

I am also hoping to go on an embroidery course soon which has provided an amazing opportunity for me to catch up with a friend from primary school who I haven't seen for years.  Oh how exciting!

Anyway, rambling over and a blog for July written.  Hopefully be back soon.