Monday, 26 August 2013

Squirrel Nutkins day out.

A while ago my Mum was told about a knitted tree competition being held throughout the chain of care homes she works for.  I think it is mostly for the residents to knit but my Mum's residents are all rather poorly so not capable of too much knitting.  She therefore has been asking friends and family to get involved and I was asked to make a squirrel.  I have to admit I was rather unenthusiastic but once I started Mr Nutkins I rather enjoyed it.  The pattern involved wrapping stitches which was interesting as it made me think about a different way of heeling socks other than way I do now.  Anyway, here is the delightful Squirrel Nutkins enjoying an acorn whilst chilling in the tree in the front garden.


I hadn't quite finished Mr Nutkins tail when we set off for a picnic this afternoon so he came along with me, I knitted his acorn in the car so he didn't feel too left out while we were tucking into our dinner.

We found a lovely spot by the canal in Zouch where we could watch the boats passing through the lock and the cows wading on the other side.




Squirrel Nutkins spent most of his time asleep in my bag but he did pop out for a quick sit on a bush and a chat with Tom.



From our picnic spot we wandered along the canal the other side of the road through Zouch and had a go at skimming stones.


We also admired the wier and the speed at which the water travelled.  I just love being by water, must be the Piscean in me.


I also stopped to say Hello to these two lovely ducks, they looked very happy chilling on their log although I'm not sure how long they will have it because it was slowly getting closer to the wier.




Saturday, 3 August 2013

A failed yet very successful trip to Holmfirth.

Today I went with some knitting friends, ooh knitting friends, to the Rowan Mill in Holmfirth.  The plan was go to the Rowan Garment sale which is quite simply a sale of all their knitted sample garments.  We set off nice and early from Nottingham and after a few wrong turns, very steep hills, narrow roads and entertainment from frisky cows we made it to the Mill.  In our excitement we ran from the cars and up the stairs to the door.

Sadly we were met by this....

Which resulted in some sad faces and a smug Jemma who had made the pre sale yesterday.

We decided not to waste our trip and headed into Holmfirth because as Eleanor says "its good to spread our legs!" I think that was an unfortunate combination of spread our wings and stretch our legs.  We made our way to a tea shop where we had a cream tea and a partook in a little bit of knitting/crochet.

Then we made our way to Up Country to peruse the yarns available.  All of their Rowan Cashsoft was reduced to £2.50 so I got two balls to make something yummy.  I have only just realised that one is 4ply and one DK, oh yarnballs!

Even Eleanor the Anti-Rowan gave in and treated herself.

From here we perused a few little shops where I saw these amazing beaded animals....

....purchased this very appropriate blackboard....

...and saw these rather comical if not a little rude sheep.

By this point we decided a pub lunch was in order, I ordered toad in the hole which was the best toad in the hole I have EVER eaten!

Our next stop was the Holmfirth Fabric Mill, a magical little room of some of the most beautiful fabrics.

I decided that it was time I bit the bullet and got my sewing machine out to make myself a skirt.  I have been thinking of doing this for a while now and this fabric convinced me it had to be done, beautiful!

The view from the mill was pretty awesome as well.

Then we headed back into town for a cold drink and an ice lolly in the park before heading home.  Here we got to watch a farmer wrestle these four stubborn sheep back into the van, very amusing.

We meandered along the stream where we noticed green kisses and I found a spot to admire.

When we got back to the car to drive home it was clear it had been hotter than we thought as the harribo had all merged into one giant harribo.  It was a treat watching Eleanor munch through that I tell you!

All in all a very lovely day.

Thankyou ladies.