Sunday, 15 June 2014

Fantasm shawl.

Recently I picked up some beautiful Truly Hooked yarn from a selling page on Facebook.  The colour way is called Gothic and I just fell in love with the rich purple and black combination.  A bit like a Cadburys dairy milk wrapper.

As soon as it arrived it just had to be hooked so I consulted my favourites on Ravelry.  There is was, the Fantasm shawl, it jet had to be done.  The Fantasm is doing the rounds at the moment and as Eleanor from Knit Nottingham says, it seems to be the new Elise.

I don't care that I have hopped on the band wagon because look how beautiful this shawl is.  I absolutely adore it!

Have you made a Fantasm shawl or do you have you're own favourite pattern?

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