Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A cushion and my first ever button holes.

Tonight I got home and felt the need to get out my sewing machine.

I had a tired old cushion that I thought would be better suited for our spare room with a new cover.  Sadly I forgot to photograph the cushion before I binned the old cover.

Recently I was given a lot more left over fabrics from a friend so just had to raid the new collection.  Our spare bedroom is very colourful, it needs a lick of paint but I try to liven it up with colourful bedding and decorations.  I tend to use either a multi coloured bed set or a purple one.

Seeing as all my fabrics were too small to make a whole cover from I decided to go for patchwork.  I chose 4 vibrant colours for the front and 4 more purply coloured fabrics for the back.  One side for each set of bed linen.

I got straight to it and actually measured things this time, a habit I must get into with sewing!  I decided to use some lovely buttons I had recently been given so knew I had to tackle my first button holes.  I looked up what to do and whilst they are not perfect I'm pretty pleased for a first attempt.

Then I just had to sew it all together.  I'm so pleased with it, it's a very happy looking cushion.

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