Monday, 5 May 2014

Love Your Local Yarn Shop

May the 3rd was national Love Your Local Yarn Shop day organised by Lets Knit Magazine.  Aren't they good.  As we all know I do love my local yarn shop and my local yarn shop loves a party!

I decided to head over at about 3 O'clock-ish, I didn't want to get there too early and drink too much and have to go home early.  There is always booze involved at these events.

Here is a little picture of my wonderful local yarn shop.  A little gem of colour and delight tucked between fast food outlets and all sorts of different shops on a very busy road. 

Look how many people fitted in it!

All week the shops Facebook page was being updated with excited tidbits of information of what the day had in store for us.  My favourite element and the one that did take over my brain for quite some time was the amazing hand dyed yarn by Verity at Truly Hooked.  Verity had hand painted 4 sock blanks exclusively for Love your Local Yarn Shop day and these were being raffled off at £2 per ticket.  This idea blew my mind, who wouldn't get excited about a hidden message in a knitted item.  My brain went into overdrive and I thought how wonderful these would be as a gift for a knitter with whatever message suited the occasion.  Anyway, enough of my ramblings here are the beauties.

As per all events at Knit Nottingham, there was a lucky dip jar.  This held token that read messages such as 10% off, lucky dip, hard luck and the ever sought after 100% off.  Sadly I had very little money so I went with the idea of buying just one ball of sock yarn.  I selected a lovely ball of zigzag 4ply sock yarn and when paying I pulled out a lucky dip prize.  I put my hand in the bag and pulled out a ball of regia sock yarn.  How delightful.

As the day progressed I took part in some casual street knitting with my friend and knit wear designer Jem Weston.

Had a chat and a drink with Sarah the Nottingham Knitter, Olivia (I love her blog) and Rebecka Hojeberg.

We ate delicious cake made by Rebecka, carefully stored a box of yarn, not a crumb went in the box.

As the day was drawing to an end it was pointed out that the elusive 100% off ticket was still in the jar.  I had been lusting after some Truly Hooked gradient sock yarn for some time after seeing this amazing socks so decided to take my changes.  If not I was happy to put it on my credit card and pay it off next month.

Well I only flipping pulled it out didn't I.  I must admit I did screech with delight and almost cried.  the whole shop became very excited.

 Isn't the yarn just scrummy, I now need to learn how to make toe-up socks in order to make the most of it.

Yet again Eleanor and June put on a fantastic do, I do not envy the tidying up that will have to take place tomorrow.  Thanks again guys for being the best.  I really do love my local yarn shop.

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