Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another pair of slippers.

Remember these lovely bow slippers?

Well I love them and decided my sister would probably like a pair as well.  She lives in a flat that has wooden floors throughout and she does love to slide her way around it so what could be more perfect that wooly slippers.

I wanted to make her something more tailored to her tastes and when going for a walk around Holme Pierrpont was suddenly inspired by some Daisy's, Rheanne's favourite flowers.

I thought about getting some yarn dyed in the colours of the grass and Daisy's.  I ruled this out as the slippers would end up randomly distributed and wouldn't necessarily resemble Daisy's.

I decided I would make the slippers green with a flower on the top.  I looked at the boucle I had and I didn't have enough to do the whole slipper in chocolate brown but decided I would use this as the sole to represent the soil, the lighter shade could be the top soil, the green the grass and a daisy on top.

I didn't have any yellow wool, only acrylic so asked around my knitting group but they only had acrylic as well.  It was suggested that I use a big yellow button, genius!

Aren't they brill! My only disappointment is the obvious stitching around he sole.  I had to use one of the boucle yarns and whichever one I used it stood out on the other one.  I couldn't do a lot about it so just had to go with it.

Rheanne loves them, I'm really happy with them as well.  Thanks again to Jem for writing this wonderful pattern.

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